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  • Innovative Unterrichtsformen

    Innovative Unterrichtsformen

    Mit Teamteaching und bilingualen Einheiten im Sachunterricht erhöhen wir die Methodenvielfalt. Besondere Lernlandschaften animieren schon unsere Fünftklässler zum Tüfteln und Probieren und fördern ihre Kreativität.
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    Spirituelle Ausrichtung des Schullebens

    Zahlreiche religiöses Aktivitäten wie ökumenische Gottesdienste, Besinnungs- und Schulpastoraltage betonen die christliche Prägung unserer Realschule.
  • Schwerpunkt Elternarbeit

    Schwerpunkt Elternarbeit

    Unsere Lehrerinnen und Lehrer sorgen dafür, dass sich Eltern als wichtiger Teil der Schulgemeinschaft wertgeschätzt fühlen. Der regelmäßige Austausch mit ihnen gehört zu unserer alltäglichen pädagogischen Arbeit. Weiterlesen ...
  • Offene Ganztagsbetreuung

    Offene Ganztagsbetreuung

    Der Unterricht findet wie gewohnt überwiegend am Vormittag im Klassenverband statt. Diejenigen Schülerinnen und Schüler, deren Eltern dies wünschen, besuchen dann nach dem planmäßigen Unterricht unsere Ganztagsangebote.
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    ... in familiärer Atmosphäre!

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Studienfahrt der Klassen 10 b und 10 d nach Wien


Ein Reisebericht in englischer Sprache 

On September 20th, 2021, my class 10 d, accompanied our class teacher Mr. Lachner and Ms. Demberger, set off on our final study tour to Vienna. Travelling with us on the bus were the students of class 10 b, together with Ms. Heinrich and Mr. Schweighofer.
After a four-and-a-half-hour bus ride, at about 2pm, we finally arrived in Austria’s capital, the grand city of Vienna.
Following some organizational tasks, we settled into our allocated rooms and were then introduced to the hotel we would be staying for four nights.
The daily program followed a similar pattern: Breakfast was usually at nine a.m. however that depended on the other guests of the hotel. Although we had our own bus to drive us around, the driver couldn’t stand or park everywhere, so we usually had to walk a bit to our destinations. Every day we visited different attractions or had a tour. Afterwards we were given a choice of activities and allowed to explore the area independently for several hours; we could shop or drink coffee, snack or even visit some sights by ourselves. We were expected to move in groups of at least 3 people. In the evening we always ate out at a restaurant or a market.
A sight that I particularly enjoyed visiting was the Palace Schönbrunn, where the famous Empress Sissi and her husband the Emperor Franz Joseph I lived. Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed there for the first time when he was just six years old. Personally, I found the tour was too short.  We received audio guide devices to hold to your ear, after pressing the number of the room you were in. Then you got information regarding the use of the area or specific furniture. Most of the rooms were very elaborately decorated and seemed very accurate for the time of Sissi and Franz.
Furthermore, we visited Madame Tussauds which is located directly at the Prater. The wax museum is similar to the one in London. We were able to admire and take photos of and with a few interesting celebrities. In addition, we visited the Time Travel experience which is like a 4D Cinema that takes you on an adventure through time. It included lots of special effects and moving seats. I have to admit that it did in fact really feel like we were traveling through time.
Another highlight of the trip was the State Opera House. The construction was quite something spectacular to see, and the tour guide shared some overwhelming facts and figures, to say the least. The famous annual ball held there is an enormous event and involves a lot of preparation. When it comes to art and architecture this was the highlight of my trip. I fell in love with the paintings on the ceilings, the jewellery the heavy gold ornaments and all the extravagant stairs and columns. In addition to that it's important to mention the St. Stephen’s Cathedral of Vienna which we visited as well.
The final highlight and interesting sight was the Prater. I wasn’t familiar with the concept of the Prater before, but it seems to be like our ´Maiwies’n´ in Burghausen and it runs for the whole year. We actually went there twice and both times were a lot of fun. There’s a giant Ferris wheel that we also went on. The view was spectacular, and it made me realize just how big Vienna is. I ate in two restaurants at the Prater fair ground and must say the meal was very tasty. I really enjoyed the independence of just being able to choose where I spend my time.
Especially on the last evening, I had a very amazing time with my classmates. Just before we had to leave, I went on a chain carousel with a friend. The special thing was that it wasn’t just a normal merry-go-round (chain-carousel), it was wound up quite high into the sky and then rotated at the top. Seeing all those colorful lights at night while still recognizing the sunset in parts of the sky was a memory which will definitely stay in my mind for a long time.
Overall, I can say I really enjoyed this trip, even though I would have liked to visit more museums and other sights as well. However, it is difficult to find a program that works everyone! I think our teachers did a great job of planning the trip for the tastes and interests of the majority of students! Finally, a bit of advice for future visitors to Vienna: Be prepared for changeable weather and be sure to pack an umbrella!

Emilie Hafner, Klasse 10 d

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