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  • Innovative Unterrichtsformen

    Innovative Unterrichtsformen

    Mit Teamteaching und bilingualen Einheiten im Sachunterricht erhöhen wir die Methodenvielfalt. Besondere Lernlandschaften animieren schon unsere Fünftklässler zum Tüfteln und Probieren und fördern ihre Kreativität.
  • Spirituelle Ausrichtung des Schullebens

    Spirituelle Ausrichtung des Schullebens

    Zahlreiche religiöses Aktivitäten wie ökumenische Gottesdienste, Besinnungs- und Schulpastoraltage betonen die christliche Prägung unserer Realschule.
  • Schwerpunkt Elternarbeit

    Schwerpunkt Elternarbeit

    Unsere Lehrerinnen und Lehrer sorgen dafür, dass sich Eltern als wichtiger Teil der Schulgemeinschaft wertgeschätzt fühlen. Der regelmäßige Austausch mit ihnen gehört zu unserer alltäglichen pädagogischen Arbeit. Weiterlesen ...
  • Offene Ganztagsbetreuung

    Offene Ganztagsbetreuung

    Der Unterricht findet wie gewohnt überwiegend am Vormittag im Klassenverband statt. Diejenigen Schülerinnen und Schüler, deren Eltern dies wünschen, besuchen dann nach dem planmäßigen Unterricht unsere Ganztagsangebote.
  • ... in familiärer Atmosphäre!

    ... in familiärer Atmosphäre!

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10a/c’s trip to the Baltic Sea 

Folgender Artikel ist im Rahmen der Vorbereitung auf die Abschlussprüfung im Fach Englisch mit Frau Biber entstanden:

We started our final study tour to Hamburg and the Baltic Sea on September 19th, 2021. At 6pm all the students of class 10a and 10c met at the old town square in Burghausen to say goodbye to their parents and get on the bus. Everyone was very excited and ready because the year 10 study tour clearly will be one of the highlights of our last year at MWRS. We were accompanied by our teachers Ms. Eder, Mr. Blöchl, Ms. Biber and Mr. Holzner. However enough with the facts - let’s get into more details.As mentioned earlier in the text our tour started on Sunday, September 19th. After a fun and exhausting 12-hour bus ride we finally reached our first destination at about 7.30 a.m. in the morning - the beautiful city of Hamburg. Mr. Blöchl and Mr. Holzner then took us on a walking tour around the city and showed us all the important sights like the Speicherstadt, the new Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the Port of Hamburg, the Reeperbahn and Hamburg City Hall. We learned a lot of interesting facts about the city and its history.
One of the highlights was a boat trip we took around the Port of Hamburg where we saw huge container ships, even bigger cruise ships and a lot of shipyards. Furthermore the tour around the Reeperbahn was also special for us because we had never seen such a place before in our lives. Then after having 4 hours of time to ourselves - for shopping or sightseeing - we continued our bus trip to our final destination - the Schubybeach in Dörphof at the Baltic Sea. After arriving at our hostel we all had dinner together and settled into our assigned rooms. It was an amazing but also exhausting first day and we were all very happy to fall asleep at night.Following breakfast everyone was excited to go to the beach on Tuesday morning because it was time to learn how to do windsurfing. After the instructors had taught us all the basic facts about how to use the board and how to look at the wind we finally went into the sea. You won’t believe it but after only some minutes we all looked like real windsurfers! Everybody was able to stand on the board and move along the water. It was a great feeling that really brought us all together. We all had a lot of fun that morning. In the afternoon we walked to the next village were we had the opportunity to go to the supermarket and buy some basic things for the evening. After dinner we all spent some time at the beach. As Mr. Blöchl had brought his guitar on the trip we sat down and sang songs together as if we were sitting at a campfire. It was nice to watch the stars and sing together in the moonlight.On Wednesday morning we had the chance to try out sailing or do windsurfing again. The group who did windsurfing immediately went into the water to learn some new moves and tricks like how to make a turn in the water for example.
The other group had to undergo instructions about sailing first. Shortly after learning the basic sailing exclamations and how to do sailing maneuvers it was time to hit the water. We were allowed to take a boat in groups of four and then it happened - we were sailing across the coast of the Baltic Sea! It was a great experience which we at first never thought we would manage to accomplish. But thanks to our instructors it was really easy after some time. We couldn’t believe it. As the weather was so nice that day we decided to stay the whole afternoon at the beach which was wonderful. We were able to do SUP or just lie in the sand and read a book or go shopping - everybody was free to do what they wanted to do. In the evening we sat together and simply talked, played games like poker, table football or billiard or simply hung out with our teachers. One of the highlights that night clearly was that some of the boys and also Ms. Eder allowed some girls of class 10c to get new make-up on their faces. It looked really nice but also funny of course.The following day we took a trip to Flensburg where we first visited a museum called „Phänomenta“.
However this was not a normal museum - as you might think. It was more an interaktive exhibition where everybody could try out hands-on experiments and solve riddles. The place was also packed with optical illusions that dealt with science and technology. It was great fun to check out everything. Next we went to the harbour of the city and had some time for ourselves to have lunch and go shopping. In the evening we went for a little night walk at the beach to see the Viking festival which was taking place in the next village. Unfortunately it was called off due to bad weather we had in the evening. Mr. Holzner and Mr. Blöchl were really sad but we still managed to have a nice evening together at the hostel.On Friday it was finally time to say „Goodbye“ - and so we went back home with our bus. All in all we can say that we really enjoyed our trip to the Baltic Sea. We simply had a nice time together and also with our teachers. Some students might say that there were some things that they wished to be different but it is always difficult to find a program that works for everyone. We think our teachers did a great job in planning the trip for the tastes and interests of the majority of our classes! Thanks again for making this week unforgettable for us!

students of class 10a


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